How to…

Forgetaboutit…no worries on how to use that contraption from Hades that you just paid for.  Yeah you needed it, but darn it to heck you have no idea what to do with it…been there and done that…twice.

There are a crap ton of dog related items out there and I make a few of those contraptions, so I am happy to help you with fit, usage, and descriptions (based on how I learned).  Remember, Google is freakin’ awesome when it comes to learning stuff.  So I can explain as best as I can based upon how I learned, but I suggest digging around the internet and find additional information for a deeper understanding.  I think that it is better to have more information on a subject than not enough.

The Twisted Cow designs and creates, Traditional Martingales, Single Loop Martingales, adjustable and fixed length leashes, French Martingales, Lure Coursing Slip Leads, Quick Release Buckle collars, and Double Bar Buckles.  Each collar and leash may have some complication to it…or not, but sometimes we just need a quick refresher to remember how to fit or don the thing because it has been a while.

Forgive me while I figure this out, but I promise they will get better.  All videos are housed on my YouTube Channel and cannot be viewed from YouTube, but instead must be navigated through the links below. I hope the videos below help.

1. Main Menu Navigation
2. How to order once you have found your design – coming soon
3. How to measure for a martingale collar – coming soon

More to come!!!


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