Home Sweet Home

I feel that I am such an Awesome Possum (I really miss the syfy show Eureka!) I decided that the new Casa de Linda Jean needed its own space. I will leave the initial Casa posting where it is, but this is the home for all the remaining changes.

Project Basement: Basement conversion to proper home studio / office – The Woman Cave

I am a person who just likes stuff to be done quickly, organized, and very pretty, but my house is one of those projects that my ideas do not match my wallet and is proving to be a exercise in patients. Oh, and I am a bit angry with HGTV, they keep showing me stuff that I cannot afford to do at this time. I feel like Capt. Kirk from Star Trek when he was calling Kahn’s name…HGTVeeee! HGTVeeeee! HGTVeeeee! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Phew! I am good now. After consulting with friends and family, I have come to accept the conclusion that I will be designing and decorating my house floor by floor and then room by room. Since I need my studio to keep me sane, the basement was the first to be converted into a proper home studio.

Here are my sorta-before photos. BTW, the stairs are still butt naked, but I found a chocolate brown carpet that would be perfect to transition from the basement to the main floor without looking like a damn circus around here. LOL!!


I love the brick wall and I left it as is.  I thought that the wall gave the place some serious character and style.


The wall have been painted along with the trim. I did not realize that there would be a terrible gap between the floor and the baseboards once i removed the flooring. You really cannot see it from these fuzzy pics, but trust me when I tell you…there is a gap! I figured out that I would add a little piece of trim to cover the gap…a little paint and it will be sexy. I have not done the trim yet, it is a project or another day. 

The space between the baseboard was only the beginning of the crazy. Once the laminate flooring came up we all discovered some old hard as hell glue from some tile flooring that would prove to be relentless in its pursuit to maintain its residency in my home. You can tell by the pattern in the glue that it must have been a parquet floor.


Let me tell you that I grinded, sprayed, scrubbed, sand papered, chemicalled, and prayed but that death defying glue was not going anywhere! I was so mad at that floor for messing with my head, I walked away from the basement for a few days to try to come up with something.

Two days later at 2:30am the idea came!!! PAINTED RUG!!!  I figured the texture from the glue would be perfect for a painted rug. 









Don’t sweat the details folks, I will get the colors up for you. I do remember that the orange in the floor is called Candied Yam.

I am about 90% done and once the place is completely finished and CLEAN and then I will post the finished product.  I expect to have everything done around May/June-ish once it heats up and the last bit of furniture is installed and the touch up painting is finished.  I know it sorta sucks for me and for my peeps who are following this crazy, but I just want to show you all a finished project and hell I want to be finished!!!


Project 2: The Main / Entrance Floor

You would think that the average person would concentrate on this floor because it is the main entrance to the house and it is the first impression that people have about you and your home life. Well, if you knew me you would understand why this is project #2 and that I am not that concerned about being judged. I tend to live and share my life with those that love me for me and understand that I am bat sh*t crazy and that what my main floor looks like is only temporary. Believe me when I tell you, when I figure out what I want done…IT WILL BE EFFIN’ FABULOUS!!! I still have not figured out what style I really want, but I am so leaning toward the French Provincial style with some urban flair and color. I really want my house to be styled with me in mind and really want people to leave my doors saying “OMG her place is so Linda’s personality!!”. It is my home and I don’t want to rush into doing something that I will later regret. I am always on the look out for my prize ‘foundation piece’; this is the piece that I will use to inspire my decor and color.

Oh and for those of you who need something to do and drool over, go to http://www.design-seeds.com.  OMG that place is full of color inspiration and it just makes me smile everytime I go there. 

Project 3: The Third Floor / Sleeping Quarters

I cannot even think that far…holy crap…I am lucky that I can find my bed under all the clean clothes that need to be put away so that I can stop sleeping with them like a boyfriend!!

Project 4: Home Office

I decided recently that I would separate my home office from my studio.  Initially, I was going to set up a nice little office nook and for some reason the paperwork is not jiving with the creativitiy.  The office is now going to be in one of my spare bedrooms (the one that butts up against my master bedroom).  Since I am single I don’t have to accomodate a male counterpart when it comes to my office or design choices, so I decided that my office was going…FULL MUTHA-PHOO-KING GLITZ Y’ALL!!! 

The room is approximately 9-1/2 feet wide by 15 feet long, so space is precious and will have to be utilized to the max to give me the look that I really want.  Oh BTW, the room was originally slated to be a small home gym, but I decided to join a gym and give myself an office instead.


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