The Crafty Chic herself, Martha Stewart, is looking for the next American Maker!!  Here is the formal description of the American Made contest: American Made contest spotlights the maker, supports the local and celebrates the handmade. The journey culminates in a signature event this October in New York City. Join us and uncover the next generation of great American Makers.

So, they did this last year and it was filled with some really amazing designers and crafters; I put my name in the hat last year and did not make the cut…the competition was fierce and fabulous! I am trying again and hopefully this year, I can make it to the seminar to just be inspired to do better and be better.  Ideally, I would like for Martha to give me that $10k check while I am there hanging out having coffee and cookies with her 🙂

The voting has started and I am asking that you take a few minutes to cast your DAILY six (6) votes for The Twisted Cow. Voting is open from August 26, 2013 – September 13, 2013.  You can vote SIX (6) times per day; just keep hitting the vote button until it tells you to come back tomorrow.   You may have to sign up for a Martha Stewart account, but they really do have some cool stuff (I happen to be a long time subscriber). Most importantly…You can vote six times per day for your favorite makers. Each vote enters you into a weekly drawing to win a book signed by Martha Stewart, American Express gift cards, or other great prizes. So, you could win something too!! 

Below is a picture to help you with voting (wink – wink – nudge – nudge) AND  you can click on the picture to take you right to my profile. I am all about convenience!! 

The Twisted Cow - 2013 American Made. The Voting button.

The Twisted Cow – 2013 American Made. The Voting button.

Please spread the word to your friends and family to cast their vote for me.  So, please take a few minutes to vote for The Twisted Cow:

thank you so much!!