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I decided recently that I would separate my home office from my studio.  Initially, I was going to set up a nice little office nook down in my home studio, but for some reason the paperwork is not jiving with my creativity.  The office is now going to be in one of my spare bedrooms (the one that butts up against my master bedroom) so that there is some separation between my right brain and left brain activities.  So since this is a girl only zone…I decided that my office was going…FULL MUTHA-PHOO-KING GLITZ Y’ALL!!! Obviously I have been watching too much Toddlers & Tiaras (the show is just plain stupid and the puppy as a prize is just too much!!).

The room is approximately 9-1/2 feet wide by 15 feet long, so space is precious and will have to be utilized to the max to give me the look that I really want.  The colors scheme is pink, white, black, and silver or if you love Behr paint like I do: Ceiling Color: Ultra Pure White 1050, Accent Wall: Tutti Fruiti S-G-100, Other Walls (3): Be Mine 100A-2, Desk & Accessories: Jet Black ECC-10-2, Flint Smoke 730F-4, and basic white.  It is almost a Parisian sorta theme/color/idea, but not really.  All in all, this room is going to be so damn girly that when they open the dictionary to define girly…a picture of me and my office will be the example.Office Sample Swatch

I am starting with my desk.  I got this thing on Craigslist (see this proves that there is more than just sex going on with that website!).

Beginning: This is a Drexel antique desk that had some major finish damage.  It is solid as hell and heavier than a mo-fo; in other words, a fabulous find.

Drexel desk before/during the sanding.

a bit of wood filler to repair some odd damage

Filling in the holes from the pulls. Decided to replace them with wider ones and more blingy ones!

My new bling pulls :)

My new bling pulls 🙂

Middle: I decided to prime the desk after it was sanded so that I could get a good stick of my black paint with a lacquer finish.  I wanted it shiny!!

My Drexel with white primer. I was almost tempted to leave it that color…

Still not quite done, but it is getting there

the drawers with their black lacquer fronts and hot pink innards. Still a work in progress because these beauties are still waiting for their bling!!


The home office as a whole has a lot of work that needs to be done.  I will keep you posted and hopefully you will get to see my crazy come to life within the next 3 – 5 weeks.

Off to paint!!!

**this will be posted on my Home Sweet Home section when it is done.