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Over the years I have diminished my love for the holiday season.  Let me clarify; I love spending time with family and friends, but I am starting to hate shopping in stores during this time of year.  I am all about stimulating the economy, but I am just too slow to keep up with the extreme shopping that Black Friday brings.

Years ago I was one of those people that was on the cutting edge of Black Friday before it was BLACK FRIDAY AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  My bestie Shannon and I would gather all the sales papers, route our attack, and practice our combat training to scare little old ladies away from the cheese logs that were going to go into gift baskets.  Okay, maybe that last one was a bit of an exaggeration…no old ladies were harmed during the early Black Friday activities.  As I said, I was onto Black Friday when it was just mentioned on the news as the beginning of the shopping season when stores would start to operate in the black vice the red.  I am not sure when the craziness started, but some marketing professional is somewhere bragging about how they turned black Friday into BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!

So, we have managed to go from black Friday, to BLACK FRIDAY!!!!, to Cyber Monday.  Cyber Monday…Cyber Monday…hhhmmmm….now here is something that I can get down with! 

On a side note: Giving Tuesday is really not a good idea AFTER shopping all weekend.  If you really want to make it work, institute the love fest BEFORE we run out of cash due to our shopping frenzy! Charity Wednesday (before Thanksgiving) will probably be better for everyone. 

Now, back to Cyber Monday.  Whomever came up with this genius idea – You. Are. Awesome.  This is some shopping sh*t that I can get behind, hell, I can get behind the idea of Cyber Monday while in my Wonder Woman Underoos.  Here is what is so great about Cyber Monday from a business aspect: As an online retailer, The Twisted Cow, it gives me a chance to offer deals and help raise awareness about my online site.  Even if no one buys on that day, they know that I am there and they get a chance to see what I can do.  There are a CRAP-TON of online stores that are offering deals that range from a significant percentage off to free shipping (in some cases you can both!).  They see it just like I do, yes you want to bring in some new customers/clientel, but there is nothing like having someone bookmark you for later events that involve gift giving.  Cyber Monday lets you order, gift wrap, and have it shipped to your gift getter.  All this can be done from the comfort of your home (or your desk at work when you take a break after all that hard work you have done).  No standing in line at the Post Office, just surfing the web and buying stuff in the comfort of your home.  I love Cyber Monday.

I decided to forgo offering any sales this past Thanksgiving Weekend because I am starting to view that family time as precious.  My favorite person in the world passed away in 2009 and I would give the world to just sit and crack wise with her for just five minutes.  I miss her terribly and all those holidays that I missed with her and my family I truly regret having missed them.  So, in her honor I have decided to not bombard people with one more sale, but instead wait to pounce on you after the holiday and you all sober up.  Family is important and we can never get wasted time back, so I didn’t want you to squander those precious moments during the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

The holiday is over and you are now fair game heh – heh – heh.  Head over to my website www.twisted-cow.com and sign up for The Moo News and you will be on the receiving list to get details and the discount code to get 25% just in time for Christmas and New Year gifts. 

Love y’all!!!

Linda Jean & Chet

p.s. the best sales days have been notoriously the day before Christmas and the day after…just sayin…