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With the pending purchase of my new forever home (I really hate moving!), my mind is starting to play tricks on me or at least keep me occupied with ‘creativity’ to make my wait seem more bearable.  There are so many things that I see my friends doing and designing that I am just losing my mind because I cannot do my ‘Twisted Cow thang‘ until this house situation is settled.  Under normal circumstances I would just do stuff without thinking about the long term or short term impact. I know that I have a lot of changes that need to be made both personally and professionally, but everything is in a holding pattern and I am allowing it to be that way for now (it is much safer that way).  So while my closest friends and networking circles are moving forward, I am stagnant and I have no choice but to BE stagnant.  God hear my little prayer and give me patience.

It takes so much to learn to be still, wait, and listen.  I am learning (albeit, very slowly and with severe resistance!) to take this downtime as a blessing in disguise.  I have been playing with my website / product lines and taking a good hard look at my raw materials, equipment, and my human resources.  I seem to always bask in the comfort of a more compact product line so that it is one person manageable, but this is NOT the definition of growth.  So, my ideas have been really leaning towards doing an additional line with the help of some outside hands.  Remember, the holding pattern has this plan crawling along because I don’t want tie up my financial resources, have the raw material and finished products sit or have to be moved to the new house.  It is almost better to not do anything in this case, but instead it is better to have my designs / patterns on paper ready to roll when I get settled.  There are a million things that I want to do, but that little voice is saying, “WAIT BITCH!!!!”.

I am of the school of philosophy that dictates: when you are supposed to do something, have something, or be somewhere you will be there when you are supposed to and there is NOTHING that you can do to rush it or stymy it.  In other words, there is a plan for me and right now my plan is in motion and I need not screw with it.  My eyes are still on my prize and I’ll get it, but this little layover is just a layover and my flight will be coming along soon.  Oh, did I tell you that my flight was an SR-71? 😀