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Crown Jewel dog collar in the French Martingale style

My latest creation: Crown Jewel in the French Martingale style

When you are younger and you hear a name, you do your best to memorize it so when you see that person again you can put their name to their face; at least that was my method as a kid.  As an artist, I listen to a name and then I look at the person and think…does their name really fit their face and personality?

My mother (and apparently a whole mess of folk) named me Linda Jean, so when I started to analyze my name I asked my mom, my Aunt Flossie, and my granddad why that name.  I could have thought of a lot of fabulous names that I could have had, but Linda Jean…what the?!  Here is what they told me, Linda was for my aunt Linda and my father Larry had a thing for L’s.  Jean was a family middle name, my grandmother had it ‘Essie Jean’, my mother has it ‘Ethel Jean’ and now I have it ‘Linda Jean’ and I will pass it down to my daughter (if I am blessed with an evil minion of my own).

The ‘Jean’ used to bug the hell out of me because it just seemed so country kinda backwood-ish, but then again my family did originate from Georgia and Alabama (who am I to argue?!).  The older I get the more I appreciate that middle name.  I am finding that when someone ‘gives’ or ‘shares’ a name with you, it means that you are loved and cherished from the day you were born.  I feel so loved when I see my middle name and so I wear it like a badge of honor.  I have been using it online and boldly in my signature to show how grateful I am for that love. Oh BTW, I did manage to find a friend in Massachusetts that shared a name with me, but her name was spelled with a ‘y’; Lynda Jean.  Would I be a different person if my Linda was spelled Lynda, Lenda, or Lyndah?  Hmm…that is another post for another time.

The giant opening was because I was having a dilemma naming my latest collar design, so I begin to think about my name and how it came to be and what it means to me.  I was looking for a name for this collar that would really invoke a picture or a feeling every time you heard it.  As I was selecting the crystals for this design, I was picturing the actual inspiration behind the collar: The British Monarchy’s Crown Jewels.  I started to focus in on the Crown Jewels when I was watching something on the telly, and either there was a exhibition of the jewels or Prince Harry (that firey redhead) was effin’ something up and the Crown Jewels were mentioned.  Either way, I decided to check those babies out and I was just floored.  The crowns were awesome, but the Koh-i-Noor and the Cullinan I diamonds really put me in the mind for a collar design that would be the crown jewel of my Urban Symphony Collection.

As I was sewing and poking my darn fingers, I was trying to think of names of people, places, or things that would make you think of jewels, opulence, richness, diamonds, sparkle, etc. So, here were my original name choices:
1. Opulence: yeah, this was like a no brainer for this design
2. Sinful: I love this name, but I thought it would make people feel to guilty (I may use it for something else that we need to be guilty about…)
3. Gabor: after the Gabor sistahs, they were freakin’ fabulous! Loved Green Acres!!!
4. Ms. Taylor: after Elizabeth Taylor…ya girl was rockin’ the jewels!!! I think she wore major carats to order pizza.
5. Palisade: no idea where this came from because all I can think about is an exit off the New Jersey Turnpike
6. Seven – I have a design called Six that will be unveiled within the next couple of weeks, so I thought that Seven would be an awesome name for a collar…but not this one.

After thinking about it for a few days, I decided that the name was in my face the entire time!  How do you make someone think of the beauty, history, richness, and sheer opulence of the Crown Jewels when they see this dog collar Name the damn name thing Crown Jewel!!! GAWD!!!  Yep, there it is folks…Crown Jewel; I can be a bit ‘thick’ as the Brits say.

I will post more pictures when Crown Jewel is completed, it still needs to be attached to the collar base and the remaining satin needs to be crystal encrusted.  I am excited to finish it up!

As you can see, naming something is a process and I take it seriously.  A name should make you feel, picture, or understand the reason behind something.  So when next you hear Crown Jewels and you find yourself thinking of the Queen of England and my dog collar, I have done my job!