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I love the new blog smell of my new blogging spot!!!

I do my best to keep everything in my life fresh and fun, so with the new website and webhosting company I figured it was high time that my blog got a bit of a make over to support the new Twisted Cow.  We ‘liked’ our other blog, but it did not really inspire us to ‘LLLLLOOOVVVVEEEE’ it.  WordPress has this way of making you love the modern sleekiness their service therefore making your blog so easy to ‘lurve’. 

The Twisted Cow has been threatening and working at making the blog a bit of a hybrid; you know…half video and half written.  I have been working…well worrying myself into an ulcer trying to figure out my true introductory topic, but most importantly how to format my new baby.  So here is what I am thinking for my blog:

  • Instructionals: I think that every blog that is associated with a product should have an instructional video section.  Since I make dog collars and leashes, I will follow my own advice and give the people an instructional video section!  
  • About Me: People should know a bit about the woman, the myth, the legend that is The Twisted Cow…right?! 
  • Events Calendar: O-o-o-o and a tab that tracks me like a stalker, you know…a calendar of some sort that says when and where I am going to be so that we can meet and grab a drink.  I guess I should try to sell you a collar (or two) while we are sharing a space…LOL!!! 
  • Just Linda: Lastly, I think that I need a tab (or section) that is just plain me.  I am interested in a boat load of stuff and I know that I am not the only one, so a tab that discusses any and everything is a must for me.  I need a depot for the Crazy Train to pull in to (need a ticket?).  I am going to try to keep the Just Linda fairly PG, but there is just some stuff that I find in life that just deserves a good old fashioned four-letter-word. 

I will add more subjects / tabs as needed.  Afterall, this is a living, breathing, thing and it will need to grow…I need cake 🙂